The tokenomics of the $HERO token are specified below

Basic Information

Project Name: $Hero

Symbol: HERO

Total Supply: 40.320.000.000

ICO Phase

In the initial phase, the only way to obtain $HERO tokens will be by delegating ADA to the ADAHero staking pool, whose symbol is [ADAHR].

In this phase, 20,160,000,000 HERO will be distributed and will end when all tokens have been distributed. For every 1 ADA delegated you will get 1 $HERO. Rewards can be claimed each epoch (5 days).

In the event that the saturation of the stake pool exceeds 90%, additional stake pools will be created.

The fees configured to maximize obtaining rewards will be:

  • 2% margin fee

  • 340ADA fixed fee

Liquidity Phase

Once the ICO phase is over, the liquidity pool will be filled with the rewards obtained from the ADA delegation.

The use of the rewards obtained will be as follows:

  • The rewards obtained from the fixed fee will be used for the maintenance of the project.

  • The rewards obtained from the margin fee will be used to fill the liquidity pool.

In this phase, a total of 16,128,000,000 $HERO will be added to the liquidity pool.

Donations Phase

Once the liquidity pool is filled, when a user switches between $HERO and $ADA, a fee is charged for the transaction (depending on which DEX the liquidity pool is located on). The distribution of fees is carried out in the following way:

  • 95% of that fee will go toward charitable donations, disaster relief and medical research.

  • 5% is allocated to the development of the project.

All contributions will be announced on the project's website and social channels.

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