HERO continuity

At ADAHero we want the $HERO token to last over time and not be a simple fad. We are looking for a project for the present, but also for the future. To achieve this, once the project is fully operational, we will implement the following measures:

  • Buy back: We will use part of the rewards obtained from ADAHero to make token purchases. In this way, trading in the token is stimulated and its health is improved over time.

  • Token burning: As part of the buy backs that are made with part of the rewards obtained, token burning will be carried out. In this way, as there are fewer and fewer tokens, its value will increase, maintaining the interest of its holders in it.

The above measures are not exclusive. Other measures may be implemented to support the continuity of the token over time and its stability.

With these measures and using part of the rewards obtained in the ADAHero stake pool, we ensure that the users of the token are the ones who, in part, decide the value of the token, since the more delegation ADAHero has, the more value $HERO will acquire.

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